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Private and unique safaris

All the safaris include winter clothing, snowmobile instructions and snowmobile. Each snowmobile is shared by two guests taking turns in driving.

All the safaris start from Ylikylä beach at Patosaarentie. If needed we can pick you up from Rovaniemi area.

For more details on the safaris, send us an email. We are a small and agile operator and can cater to special needs or wishes, so don’t be afraid to contact us. We are here for you!

Aurora Run in the evening

We drive to Kuninkaanlaavu, it offers great views over Ounasjoki river with good chance to spot the northern lights. At the location we can grill sausages and serve some hot drinks. The Aurora Run starts at around 5pm-7pm and it takes 2-3 hours with approx. 15km of driving.80€ per adult (30€ for single supplement) 40€ per children (children must be over 130cm)
Kuninkaanlaavu Rovaniemi aurora run
Lehtojärvi Safari Moottorikelkka

Day trip to Lehtojärvi

We drive to Lehtojärvi. The route goes through ice, forest, and hills and the trip contains approx. 70km of driving. At Lehtojärvi we stop at a private Lappish kota (a traditional sami dwelling) where we grill sausages and have hot drinks and other snacks. It’s also possible to cook blazed salmon in the kota (ask for availibility/prices). Trip takes 4-5 hours.150€ per adult (55€ for single supplement) 75€  per children (children must be over 130cm)

Overnight safari to a big and sunny lake Vietonen

We drive from Rovaniemi to Vietonen approx. 80km away. The route contains ice, forest and hills. We take breaks depending on need, where we have hot drinks and snacks. At Vietonen there will be a Lappish meal, sauna and hot tub waiting for you. We have several buildings at Vietonen, guests will spend the night in a new log cabin. In the morning we have breakfast and then start the trip back to Rovaniemi.

For this Safari we can store your baggage in Rovaniemi or transport them to Vietonen with a car. It’s also possible to spend more than one night at Vietonen, click here for more information about the location.  It is also possible that part of the group comes with snowmobiles and the other part with car. This trip includes approx. 160km driving and contains hot meal, breakfast and snacks.

450€ per adult (2-6 adults, minimum charge for 3)

lapland Overnight Safari


To inquire about availability of a safari, call or WhatsApp
+358 40 761 9156, or e-mail to