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Zero Noise Resort

Located by the large and sunny lake Vietonen, 70 km from Rovaniemi. An ideal place to enjoy nature and silence. There is a good chance to spot the northern lights, for there is no light pollution at all! Even the stars look fantastic here.


Lake Vietonen Zero Noise Resort is located 70km from Rovaniemi. It is a big and fishy lake that has offered the locals a lot. Our aim is to show our guests how the locals spend their free time at the lake and the surrounding areas.

We have two separate buildings here for our guests.

Log cabin that we finished in 2019 includes WC (flush toilet), shower, sauna, mini kitchen, wi-fi and beautiful glazed balcony with heater. Room for two adults and two children in the loft.

Main building has a flush toilet, shower, fully equipped kitchen, wi-fi and room for up to four adults and two children.

Property also has a hot tub that is available for our guests! It’s a wonderful experience in the freezing temperatures.

Possible activities at the Area

We have four snowmobiles at the property for our guests. We can have a snowmobile safari in area, for example we could explore:

Or you can rent the snowmobiles and explore the area by yourself. We have the needed winter clothing and helmets.

Each snowmobile can be shared by two guests taking turns in driving.

Ice fishing: At springtime, when the sun is shining this is the best way to spend a day. It’s like a picnic with extra activity. Sometimes we concentrate on the fishing and sometimes on socializing with family and friends.

You can also visit a nearby reindeerfarm or maybe try cross-country skiing on the ice? In the summertime we can go fishing on a boat. Or maybe hiking?

Let’s plan your stay together, you’re going to like it. Especially if you like peace and quietness.

You can drive here by yourself or we can pick you up from the airport. There will always be someone to greet you at the spot. Depending on your wishes we will guide you or you can rent the property.

For now we welcome groups of up to 8 guests. Prices depend on the size of your group and the activities you choose.

For example 4 people, 3 nights and 2 snowmobiles for 2 days would be somewhere near 1000 euros.



To book call or WhatsApp +358 40 761 9156, or e-mail to

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Lake Vietonen

Located 70 km from Rovaniemi, lake Vietonen offers beautiful landscapes and an abundance of exciting activities round the year. Relaxation or adventure – your call. Lake Vietonen will provide an unforgettable experience.